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After releasing their first single, “Need You So Bad”, Primal Static is now releasing their new EP, “The Corrupting Of The Revolution” worldwide on March 15, 2019.

“The Corrupting Of The Revolution” is an EP with four eclectic tracks, each song with its own distinct mix of Electronic, Rock, Soul & Blues. As band member, G.T. describes, “It is an appeal for truth, connectedness, and authenticity in a time when it’s so rare. The title sets the tone but it’s not exactly a concept album. There are windows, but not the whole house.” Songs from the EP are already playing around the world in the U.K., Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

Electro rock band Primal Static have released their latest single, “Need You So Bad” on January 25th ahead of the release of their debut EP. The band, who are currently gearing up for dates in the US, are preparing for the release of “The Corrupting Of The Revolution” on March 15th.

The single can be found here:

What are your highlights of the year so far?

G.T.:  Rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing, and having a blast!

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

HouFei: Putting out the best music we possibly can that is timeless and authentic. We plan to play UK/Europe this year as well!

Which new bands/artists are you into right now?

G.T. & HouFei: Not sure how ”new” they are, but we really like grandson, Bishop Briggs, Gary Clark Jr., Tom Morello, so many artists crop up, so this list could go on and on. We have enormous ears.

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

G.T.: Definitely Robert Johnson. He’s the father of it all.

How best do you write; in a jam room or a studio?

G.T: Usually alone, with my cat in the corner, spilling the whiskey.

What was your wildest show so far and why?

G.T.: We played a hardcore punk show in the deep deep south and we walk in and there’s a pineapple tree growing out of the toilet. We start playing the most anarchist set ever, you know just slamming it. While finishing, the fired-up crowd is hopping all over us asking who we are. We suppose they like us. We whisk our way out of there finally and laughing drove till the morning.

Where is the furthest across the glove you have played so far?  

HouFei: We have both played many exotic places across the globe, separately. As Primal Static we have covered most of the U.S. So much more to come!–