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My Dying Bride release lyric video

British doom legends MY DYING BRIDE are set to release their 13th studio album, The Ghost Of Orion, on March 6th via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band have released a new single from the album titled ‘Tired Of Tears’.

ORANSSI PAZUZU – Announce New Album ‘Mestarin Kynsi

April 17th will see the release of the new album from Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi (The Master’s Claw).

Jun-His: “We definitely wanted to look for new horizons, but on the other hand continue something we began building already on “Värähtelijä”. Some big influences were electro albums that inspired an idea about having a song that would travel through different kinds of portals whilst being mutilated and mutated by the new environment.”

Bowling for Soup release new single – a tribute song to Alexa Bliss!

Rock and wrestling has had a connection going back to the days of the first Wrestlemania and Cyndi Lauper’s involvement all the way to the recent days of NXT LOUD using bands such as Slipknot, Code Orange and even Poppy. Today that connection continues as Bowling For Soup release their song named after Alexa Bliss along with the music video:

ORANSSI PAZUZU and Nuclear Blast Records announce a worldwide partnership for the band’s upcoming albums.

The band in their own words: “Greetings from the US! We’re currently on the road with our first North American tour going smoothly, in large part thanks to our superb crew, Nanotear and the amazing INSECT ARK.

Meanwhile, the new ORANSSI PAZUZU album is currently being finalized and will be complete during the next few weeks. There will be a high dosage of psychedelic alchemy on this one. The new sonic realms feel simultaneously natural and fresh to us and we look forward to serving them to your hungry ears. We are also playing some of the new stuff on the ongoing North American shows.

While we have your attention, we’d also like to take this opportunity to announce new partnerships. Firstly, we have signed a management pact with FlyingFox AB. We are thankful for receiving the mega-level advisory skills of Erin Lynch, who has already proven herself a worthy companion.

Secondly, we are psyched to announce that we have signed a recording deal with Nuclear Blast Records, who will be handling the worldwide release of the new album in 2020! Special thanks to Jens Prueter (Head of A&R, Nuclear Blast Europe) for understanding and respecting the band’s identity.

Thirdly, from now on, our show booking in Europe will be handled by Doomstar Bookings. If you want to book ORANSSI PAZUZU, get in contact with Zoltan!

On top of all this, we are massively excited to announce that we will be doing a very special show at Roadburn Festival 2020, as part of James Kent’s (aka PERTURBATOR) curation. We are humbled to have been asked once again to return to this great festival, in which we will play the new album in its entirety, live, for the first time prior to its release!

And in case you missed the news yesterday, we’re also confirmed for Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway!

In the meantime, catch us at one of the North American shows that we are touring right now. Thanks for your support!”

Today sees more reveals for both Emma Ruth Rundle and James Kent’s curated events at Roadburn 2020…

Firstly – for Emma Rith Rundle’s The Gilded Cage we have Mizmor performing Cairn in full:

Cloud Rat will also be performing a second set consisting of their more ambient EP companion to Pollinator and other cuts from their catalogue with the help of Thou’s Andy Gibbs

Also joining the Gilded Cage are Fvnerals and SRSQ.

James Kent’s curation will have Oranssi Pazuzu performing their new album – as of yet still untitled – in its entirety along with Blanck Mass and Hangman’s Chair performing Banlieue Triste in full.

Also announced outside of the curated events are Jessica Moss – solo and with Big Brave. Crypt Sermon, Lana Del Rabies (video below) and Red Kite. 

Weekend tickets for Roadburn are on sale now (3-day tickets are sold out, 4-day tickets remain on sale).

This Roadburn Reveal has not only four more acts in Jacob Bannon’s curation plus for the first time – a specially commisioned project!

As part of 2018′s festivities, Roadburn will have two specially commissioned pieces of music – the first can be revealed as Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu as the Waste of Space orchestra.

The performance will include ten musicians onstage plus an original video accompaniment, designed to tell a parallel story with the music. The ten-part, one hour piece is a dive into the consciousnesses of three beings – all of whom are on a search for deeper truths in comprehending reality.

The Waste of Space Orchestra performance will open the main stage on the first day of Roadburn 2018 – Thursday, April 19.

The four more acts added to the curation by Jacob Bannon are:


Godflesh doing Selfless in full

Thou X The Body X Friends

Forgotten Tomb

Other acts added today are:

Zonal (Justin Broadrick and The Bug) with Moor Mother

Boris and Stephen O’Malley performing Absolutego

Hooded Menace performing Fulfill the Curse in full

and many more :

A Perfect Circle to headline Be Prog! My friend 2018. Also joining the bill are Katatonia (performing The Great Cold Distance) and Oranssi Pazuzu