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The Flower Kings have announced their new albu…

The Flower Kings have announced their new album Waiting for Miracles – recorded in the studio owned by Benny from ABBA! – will be released on 8th November via Inside Out Music

WOLVES LIKE US return after 5 years with new a…

After 5 years on hiatus, WOLVES LIKE US will be releasing their 4th album titled Brittle Bones on October 25th via Pelagic Records. To support the release, the Norwegian four-piece will embark on a European tour in December with PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS, whose vocalist Gared O’Donnell is also making a guest appearance on the Wolves’ upcoming album.

UK tour dates w/ Planes Mistaken For Stars
1st December, Manchester – Soup Kitchen

2nd December – Bristol – The Exchange

3rd December – Birmingham – The Flapper

4th  December – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms

5th December – Glasgow – G2

6th December – London – The Lounge

PSOTY to release new album this September

2019 will see PSOTY release their new album ’Sunless’ on 13th September once again through Candlelight Records.

With ‘Sunless’, recorded at Bandit Studios, the band continues to evolve from its post-metal roots with their second full-length studio album. This is a darker and more introspective selection of heavier compositions with crushing riffs and stratospheric melodies. The band describes the album as, ’a much more driven record. It’s more direct and aggressive than our previous work. We’re excited for people to hear it. It’s exactly where we want to be musically.’

CLOUD RAT reveal new album for September relea…

CLOUD RAT presents its fourth full-length album: Pollinator. The 14 track album will be released September 13 via Artoffact Records. The first track from Pollinator – Webspinner – is available to stream via Bandcamp:

As a companion piece to Pollinator, CLOUD RAT has devoted an entire EP to its more experimental leanings: Artoffact will release Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff as the second disc in a 2-CD digipak version of Pollinator.

Alabama hardcore quartet GIDEON have announc…

Alabama hardcore quartet GIDEON have announced their fifth studio album, Out of Control, due for release on 11th October 2019 via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records. In celebration of the announcement, the band have revealed the video for lead single ‘TAKE ME’.

Cold In Berlin have announced their new album …

Cold In Berlin have announced their new album Rituals Of Surrender via New Heavy Sounds will be released on October 11th. Listen to new single The Power above…

MMMD announce new album EGOISMO for September …

Egotism, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Separation,  Bitter truth and a mouth of gold to deliver it. Archetypes constituting a heavy mosaic that proves frail when the repercussions start to weigh in. 

MMMΔ’s new work EGOISMO is making its way to the surface one year exactly after the celebrated OST for Lukas Feigelfeld’s medieval horror film Hagazussa.
Tremors, chants, otherworldly strings and infrasound continue to dominate the soundscape, this time however a faint light flickers in the horizon. 

EGOISMO is MMMΔ’s 11th  album and marks yet another painstaking step on the endless path to consonance that the group pursues with ascetic discipline for the last ten years.

EGOISMO is released on 13th September via Antifrost records.

The Shaking Sensations to release new album on…

Copenhagen-based instrumental 5-piece THE SHAKING SENSATIONS are finally back with a follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 album Start Stop Worrying. October 4th will see the release ofHow Are We To Fight The Blight?’ via Pelagic Records, an album that has been 6 years in the making.

iamthemorning reveal new album The Bell

Following the success of IAMTHEMORNING’s two studio albums for Kscope – Belighted, the award winning Lighthouse and their most recent live studio film Ocean Sounds, the Russian duo, comprising of virtuoso classical pianist Gleb Kolyadin and charismatic vocalist Marjana Semkina are releasing their new album entitled The Bell on 2nd August.

Their dedication to writing forward-thinking and thought-provoking music sees the duo create a new album of impressive depth and playability. A modern blend of rock, classical and folk, The Bell makes use of 19th Century song cycles – a style established by Schubert – that cohesively tells 10 individual stories. Vocalist Marjana Semkina explains in more detail “The Bell is divided into two parts but each song is a story in its own right, all of them are fuelled by human cruelty and pain caused by it. Cruelty is the central theme of the album – together with all the different ways we respond to it and cope with it. This album is multi-layered and is, in many ways, a journey inwards, taking us inside of a mind of a person suffering from abuse or neglect or open hostility of the society or a specific person.

“Aesthetically, the album is based on themes taken from Victorian England’s art and culture, but more in a way of turning our attention to the fact that at its core, humankind isn’t making much progress in terms of emotional maturity.”

Portland, OR noisy metal duo Wizard Rifle wh…

Portland, OR noisy metal duo Wizard Rifle who will release their 3rd album on 30th August through Svart Records, are streaming new track ‘Rocket To Hell’. 

The band comment,
“This sonic stew encompasses all the usual elements of Wizard Rifle: gut-punching, down-tuned sludge punk riffs interwoven with psychedelic overtones and triumphant builds with vocal harmonies and dual yells. Lyrically the song is much like a hangover from a thousand-year orgy of global greed. It deals with the shortcomings of mankind and the individual in the face of the apocalyptic consequences of its self-created extinction. Take the ride; strap in and blast off to this seven-minute rager.”