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Today, Hanni El Khatib announces his new album Flight. Out May 15th via Innovative Leisure, the album is the artist’s fifth full-length and the most complete embodiment of who he is as an artist. It’s a record both dense and intricate yet direct and spontaneous. It is garage rock, it is hip-hop, it is soul, it is blues, it is psychedelic, but more than anything, Flight is a brilliant Hanni El Khatib record that taps into the adolescent spirit of creation that first stirred him to make songs in the first place. 

Hanni El Khatib is also sharing a new song and video. “ALIVE” is a levitative groove with a narcotic jazz piano riff built atop a bruised but euphoric vocal that states “I can’t believe I survived.” Speaking on the inspiration behind “ALIVE,” Hanni says: “Last April I was in a pretty serious car accident. Our vehicle was rear ended at high speed leaving the car crumpled up and flipped over. Miraculously we were all able to have come out relatively unscathed with only a few minor injuries. It was definitely a close call. Even the paramedics and police officers on site were in shock that we were all standing there given the severity of the crash. The whole experience gave me some some much needed perspective on life. I knew I wanted to touch on that somehow on this record. When the instrumental came together for the track it immediately felt like the perfect backdrop for this story.”

Bon Jovi have released a remarkable version of ‘Unbroken’ featuring the Invictus Games Choir in support of the Invictus Games Foundation.

Following the huge success of his assorted StageIt shows last week with five sellouts in six shows, Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick has scheduled more shows for this week.

First up on Monday 30th of March, Jaret will be playing two shows focusing on songs from Bowling For Soup’s much loved 2006 album The Great Burrito Extortion Case. These shows will take place at 8pm and 2am UK time (3pm and 9pm EST, 2pm and 8pm CST, midday and 2pm PST). Tickets are available on StageIt now and are pay what you can afford.

Later in the week, Jaret will be playing three more shows, two on Thursday the 2nd of April (8pm and 2am UK time, 3pm and 9pm EST, 2pm and 8pm CST, 12 midday and 2pm PST) and one on Saturday the 4th of April (8pm UK time / 3pm EST / 2pm CST / 12 midday PST). These three shows will focus on one of Bowling For Soup’s specialities – Break Up Songs! Tickets are also again pay what you can afford and available from Stageit.