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The Hinterland and The Harvest Team Up Volume …

So for this volume we decided to do a little bit of crossover – our Avengers/X-Men team up if you will – as both myself (Matt D) and David talk about their favourite albums of 2018 to this point (the definitive coming of course at the end of 2018) while Tim, following his recent trip to Catton Hall taking in the wonder that is Bloodstock tells us his favourite new discoveries from this year’s event.

Without further ado and as he is our guest it is only fair that David tells us his favourite albums first:

Hide – Castration Anxiety

So angry! Hide’s frontwoman Heather Gabel has stated that their music and live performances are political and come from a place of anger, and for her is a cathartic way to process the negative things that would otherwise fester in her psyche and it’s clear to hear in the music. This is proper industrial, music that has a point, music that needed to be made and music that will kick its way into your head and set up camp.

BlackWater HolyLight – BlackWater HolyLight

Industrial is my go-to music for aggression these days so I’m always on the lookout for heavy music with a mood that isn’t angry and macho. This has led me to female artists like Chelsea Wolfe, Darkher and now BlackWater HolyLight. The self-titled album is an incredibly accomplished debut and a melting pot of all kinds of doom, psych and metal influences. Brilliant.

Schwefelgelb – Aus Den Falten

I like pretty much everything Schwefelgelb release and Aus Den Falten is no different. German-made Techno Body Music that makes you feel like you’re in a sweaty Berlin nightclub at 3am when you’re actually in on a Friday night sipping strawberry cider and relentlessly updating Facebook for the illusion of human contact. Which I am in no way doing. Shut up.

Thanks David for that triad of industrial/techno goodness, now time no doubt to surprise people with at least one choice on my list! (Videos are at the bottom of the post.)

To begin with I’m picking two releases off one label that throughout the years has been consistent in high quality: Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It and Boss Keloid – Melted on the Inch both on Holy Roar Records.

With many things in common between the two bands : powerful vocalists and music that grabs your attention from the offset – Rolo in particular being able to go from ambient and melodic to their darkest work yet in a way that feels gradual rather than a whiplash effect, a deal that’s been consistent since Kasia/Sakia from Cosmology – these two records showcase both bands’ strongest work and yet you know they’re going to find a way to top it because they’re THAT damn good.

Next comes what many would consider the ‘curveball’ I guess in Spanish Love Songs : Schmaltz, a record that reminds me more – along with honourable mention to Dollar Signs’ latest – of the original version of emo, think more American Football than My Chemical Romance, more than the pop punk label they’ve been given with songs concerning anxiety, grief and even an anthem of sorts in Buffalo Buffalo with an overall message – life may not be fair and the ride’s going to have some bumps in the way but there are ways to get through it.

Now for something completely different – where the only emotion essentially is RAGE – as we get the combination of Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh and Fukpig joining forces to create one of the best grindcore records in quite some time and considering it’s Shane Embury, Mick Kenney and Duncan Wilkins coming together anything less than just feeling the short sharp shock of brutality followed by wanting to listen again would be just wrong – welcome to Born To Murder The World’s The Infinite Mirror of Millennial Narcissism and of course for those going Damnation – how can you not love seeing Napalm, Nathrakh and Fukpig in one day?!

Lastly – if you want a great album to satisfy your doom metal love (with a BLEH thrown in for good measure) Khemmis’ Desolation (Nuclear Blast) hits that spot the same way label mates Pallbearer did in 2017. With pretty much catchy choruses (to songs about grief and death no less) and great riffs Khemmis carry on the high that Hunted began in 2016 with wonderful results.

Finally here’s Tim with his Bloodstock 2018 discoveries…

The past few years I have covered Bloodstock Festival as a media representative, covering the bands as per my editors steer and ensuring the best possible coverage photographically and in written form that delivers for the outlets. 

This year was somewhat different, as I stepped up to work for the festival as an in house photographer. It provided a different challenge but also gave me a different perspective on the festival. From this i discovered a few bands that I may not have even covered from my normal angle.

With that in mind, I bring you my top 5 discoveries of the festival weekend!

5. Combichrist

I’ll be honest if I was covering the festival for a media outlet I would still have covered these this weekend. However, personally, I’ve never really given them the time of day and oh how my eyes were opened! Their industrial sound grabs you buy the balls and thrusts you into their world. The dual drummers add a twist to the sound and add to the theatrics of the show. As the multitiude of drums beats reverberate through your soul the gnarling guitars and vibrate vocals hold you firm and batter your senses.  

4. Exhorder

A legendary band, one who forged the “groove metal” sound back in the day long before anyone had every heard of Pantera or Machine Head. Despite their long and storied past this was their first appearance in the UK and thus the stage was packed with fans. Their groove-orientated thrash sound anthemic and aggressive delivered on point. having laid the foundations on which others would later build successful careers, the appreciation of the rare show in the UK is shown by the crowd. Snarling guitars the highlight with vicious vocals leaving everyone broken, battered and bruised. 

3. Pelugion

The “Newblood stage” often delivers a few surprises at the festival, with it being filled with battle of the band competition winners from up and down the country, you can always guarantee discovering some great bands here. This year was no exception and the first in my highlight real is  Coventry three piece Pelugion. Infectious riffs draw you in along with inspiring vocals to give you that warm feeling inside and throbbing drums that inspire. A fantastic outfit I encourage you all to check out. 

2. Psychotype

It’s not often a band bring a breath of fresh air to a festival, mix things up and create a storm. On the Newblood stage, Psychotype did just that. It doesn’t take much to work out the band’s inspiration, eerie stage lighting and dark figures adorned with masks prove the Slipknot influence is strong. Its hard to pigeon hole such a band and nor would I want to, the bands unique sound pushes boundaries, crosses styles and mixes the unmixable. All of which results in a show not to be missed; sound, vision, aggression, mysticism and intrigue.

1. Alien Weaponry

By far and away my highlight of the 2018 festival, outside of the big names. Much is being made of New Zealand youngsters Alien Weaponry in the music business at the moment and we are about to find out why. A traditional Haka by drummer Henry de Jong is the bands intro before the fireworks really start. Ferocious angst driven thrash metal, technically superb from one of the youngest bands on the bill. The three piece put on a performance that belies their age. Masterful, controlled and perfectly delivered. These lads are not to be missed, I recommend you check out their album now.

As ever the festival was a raging success, but working in a different role gave me a different perspective and proves that every stage throughout the weekend will throw out some surprises. The best festival of the summer as ever delivered the goods.

Live review – Big Boy Bloater and The Limits @…

(Photo credit: Sound Photography)

Show date: 20th September

Big Boy Bloater and the Limits are Back in Camden and this time it’s for the album launch of his new collection of work under the name of Pills.

“I have Pills for sale tonight” Bloater proudly announced during the set of engaging Blues. But let’s be clear, he was referring to his new album on sale at the Merch stand!

Kicking off with the title track of the new album (Pills if you hadn’t already got that) got the capacity attendance off to a motivated start with the shuffle style riff and drumming. It’s worthy to note here that as a trio, this band do kick ass. The quality of musicianship is excellent in many ways, they are tight, well balanced (musically!), have great stage presence, and above all else they entertain.

The band played a mixture of the new album with previous releases from ‘Luxury Hobo’ which when you look at the deliverable in the round it is fair to say that Big Boy Bloater and the Limits have a very versatile package of diverse tracks that keeps them interesting throughout the whole set and stands them out of the ‘just a blues band’ pigeon hole.

The running order for the night was;















Prior to ‘Stop Stringing Me Along’ Bloater introduces his backing singer in the crowd to thank her for her contribution. Incidentally, she was singing along throughout the show. Bloater has this ability to engage with his audience and does between every song with a little story, introduction, or simply a sip of his beer and a “cheers” – or two – or three!

It is clear to me that this band have immense talent and are acclaimed by some big names in the industry. If they are playing a town near you, they are a must see and the new album ‘Pills’ is definitely worthy of a purchase!

Review: THE WILDHEARTS @ Concorde 2, Brighton

20th August 2018

Review by Julia Savi – Photos Cristina Massei

The Wildhearts set a full house on fire tonight, as they make a stop in Brighton before bringing their tour to Europe and back to the UK until to October the 6th.  

This tour celebrates the Wildhearts’ three decades on the scene, and they are back in full power mode with the genuine line up fronted by Ginger (vocals), C.J. (guitar), Danny McCormack (bass) and Ritch Battersby (drums).  They deliver a powerful and tightly played  set of classics, opening with Sick of Drugs, TV Tan, My Baby Is A Headfuck, Suckerpunch, Caffeine Bomb, managing to rise over expectation right  from the start and offering the same livewire energy and spark of the old days, and with time they sound even better then ever.  It’s a mix of right choices and pure magic, enthusiastically received  by the audience; a supportive yet demanding crowd of veterans that clearly stood by since Ginger shaped the project in Newcastle upon Tyne back in 1989, ready on call at every come back after fall outs, at every resurrection after hardship.  

The Wildhearts are really a living tale of endurance and overcoming, but  equally importantly, of special lightness.  They master the art of passing on  the feel good  factor,  the ability to throw from the stage their very own brand of a hell of a rock party.  And be assured, they know how to party hard and engage their audience as a whole, making all and each one feel part of the one and  only Wildhearts family.  Plenty of sing along  and choral atmosphere, as expected by tradition, with  momentums at Geordie in Wonderland, Greetings from Shitville,  right to the end on a spinning I Wanna Go Where The People Go.   Full marks for  this perfectly classy iconic  show, leaving the reassuring feeling   that with this band  Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes.

The Wildhearts will be on the road again celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their landmark album Earth vs The Wildhearts.

Review: DJ AWARDS 2018 at Heart by Nelly loria…


Celebrating its 21st birthday, the DJ awards once again recognised the contribution made to the clubbing world by dj’s, producers, artists and event organisers, rewarding the winners with its familiar glowing kryptonite.


Photos  gallery:

Hosted by Graham Sahara and Katie Hayley Knight, the event took place in a different venue, glamorous HEART, a multifaceted place that not only fuse art and gastronomy but also embodies the spirit of Ibiza…it couldn’t have been more perfect.


The evening wouldn’t have been complete without the live guest that we have all come to expect. This year Barbara Tucker took time from her summer residency to enrapture us with her captivating voice and enticing live performance. 


PHOTOS GALLERY: DJ Awards 2018 by Nelly loriau…


DJ AWARDS 2018: Barbara Tucker live performanc…

Interview – Thom Bleasdale from Immolated Moth…


In this interview with Thom from Immolated Moth he tells us how the past year has been – including health – along with his golas for 2018 and more…

What were your highlights of 2017?

 Thom Bleasdale, vocals, bass, guitars, drums, mixing and mastering –

My highlights of last year were setting up my home studio so  I could make this album sound much better than the e.p. Having a good space to mix in makes a huge difference. Also i met   Valerie June, who is a wonderful musician and a beautiful person, that was pretty special.  I suffer from severe fibromyalgia and because my illness prevents me from performing live or  even getting out of the house very much, it’s not easy to come up with many answers to this   one, I can’t live like i want to at all, many days I can’t even play my guitar as the pain is just too  great. I did get a diagnosis for one of my conditions and some medication that helped a lot, that was also pretty great, hahaha!                

What are your goals for 2018?

TB – I hope to find a few more people who like what i do, and if things were to really go my way I  would love to find a label and maybe a manager to support the release of my next album. I  also need to find someone to co-produce it, my songs are all too damn long. My main goal is trying to improve my health and symptom management so I can have a little holiday, I’m currently too ill to travel and have been for a few years now.

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2018?

TB – This is interesting, I listen to an awful lot of diverse music and the ones this year that have been blowing my mind the most are Kadhja Bonet, Kamasi Washington, Starcrawler,     Fantastic Negrito, Hotel Wrecking city traders, Wayfarer, Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders,  all wonderful artists worth checking out. I haven’t heard many new metal bands that have really grabbed me this year yet, but there have been some that I liked like Ineo, I saw the world burn, and Outright resistance.    

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

TB – That would be my dad, who played and sang songs for fun, and he taught me my first guitar chords,  but the first real band I loved was INXS. I was 11 when I saw the cover for ‘Kick’ in a    record shop and as it had a skateboard on the cover, I had to have it. I asked my big sister, Mary, to get it for me for Christmas and she did, and it’s been one of my favourite albums ever since. They are still one of my favourite bands and I listen to them a lot.

Review: KENDAL CALLING 2018 – DAY 3 by Cristin…

Lowther Deer Park, Lake District – 29th July 2018

It’s not a UK festival without the mud, and Kendal Calling doesn’t disappoint as its last day sees a break from the recent heatwave. After a trek through tents and quicksand, Peter Hook & The Light make it all worth it with a collection of Joy Division and New Order classics blasting live from main stage. It’s an emotionally charged start to our day, and we can’t wait to stamp our wellies across the endless fields of Lowther Deer Park, in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District.

We incredibly miss out on a secret unplugged session from the mighty Libertines at the intimate Tim Peaks stage – we’re still crying our eyes out on that one – but we get to discover Bang Bang Romeo at the Calling Out Tent. Ballsy and alluring, lead singer Anastasia Walker owns stage and crowd promising a bright future for the Sheffield outfit.

More classics but a complete change of atmosphere as we head back to Main Stage to chill with the Wailers. Bob Marley is here in spirit as the notes of Buffalo Soldier grace the sky making it all a bit less grey. A great time to explore more of what’s available at Kendal Calling today. 

Looking around at the crowd, it’s pleasant and surprising how much of a family gathering this really is: few generations play together gleefully, share beer and street food in harmony, jump in the puddles shaking their ponchos to the tunes on offer. As we wander, our attention is caught by 

a tempting ‘Lost Eden’ sign. The path that follows is rich of welcome surprises, more proof of how KC really is a festival for everyone.

We make our way through the woodlands and discover a plethora of artistic displays, light installations, walking performances… An unexpected Wonderland to stimulate all senses, and a couple of very diverse stages to satisfy every Alice’s musical needs. Right at the bottom of the rabbit hole we hit the Woodlands stage on time for indie rockers Mint, and what a pleasant discovery that is. Lets be honest, we were first attracted to the bassist’s ‘Theresa is a Terrorist’ handcrafted t-shirt, but their performance got us like quicksand, unable to move until they ran out of tunes and we ran out of beer.

On the way back it all turns to mambo at the very international and colourful Carvetti stage, and despite my clumsy attempt to a few zumba moves in the mud I manage to stay up; chuffed with such an unexpected achievement. My young partner in crime swiftly drags me away from July Julay & The Mambo Kings to make sure I don’t miss the headliners. Why do I always find these things when it’s time to go…?

It’s the festival of miracles: not only the two clumsiest ever women you’ll ever meet are still standing in this wet slippery mess, but The Libertines come on stage EARLY! You read that right. We rush to main stage and the iconic four-piece does not disappoint. Everyone is in great form, the chemistry on stage is tangible, Carlos on piano is soooo romantic with Peter singing ‘You’re My Waterloo’ like a siren to mesmerised sailors, and when the notes of ‘Don’t Look Back Into the Sun’ break in the air Lowther Deer Park is an ocean of happy souls in one big wave of excitement. 

Every time I go to a festival, the issue is always the same: knowing it’s impossible not to miss anything, how do I get out of here having seen and lived more than just another gig? With Kendal Calling that’s not an issue. The diversity of the sounds, spaces and crowds make it an unforgettable experience, however much time you want to spend running across the fields. It was unfortunate that we could only make it to the closing day this year but we’re already looking forward to 2019 for the full thing, including the yoga and pilates sessions at Garden of Eden to recharge in between. And no one, I repeat, no one is gonna drag me away from the mambo stage this time. 

Interview: WINACHI TRIBE by Matt D

As we have approached the halfway point, what have been your highlights of 2018 so far?

Liam Croker – Lead Singer – touring Los Angeles / Hollywood man…it’s was brutal in the most beautiful way…a bit of brutality never hurt anyone if it’s done right 😉

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2018?

LC – None…they’ve all got sausage hair cuts or are making fisher price Hip Hop. I’d recommend The Winachi Tribe and ‘Parliament Funkadelic’…go and educate your ears kids.


What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

LC – Sly and The Family Stone / Happy Mondays / Guns N Roses and Tricky



You’ve been playing a lot of festivals this year, including Bearded Theory, how’s the response been?

LC – Response has been unreal…people don’t expect to see bands like us when they’ve been listening to baked bean heads all day…we’ve been headlining all the stages we’ve been playing and it’s been emotional to say the least…Bearded Theory was the best. If we wanna get turned ion at a festival and get a little moist…come see The Winachi Tribe!!!


What’s next for you?

LC -Touring the U.K all summer then back to the States in the Autumn for more…errrr….touring. There’s be more releases too.

You’ve got a new video out for the song “Transition”. How’s the response been so far?

LC – Fucking Outstanding!!!

Interview – ELEVATION FALLS by Matt D

As we begin 2018 what were your highlights of 2017?

Gabriel Grecco (Bassist/Drummer) We spent our year recording the new album, played Sheffield, stablished a strong formation, it was amazing


Chris Young (Lead Guitarist): Gigging and being in the studio. I don’t have one gig in my head that stands out because I love them all.


Alex Sanchez (drummer): throughout 2017 I have been focused on several Spanish bands where I highlight Katarsis, we recorded the first EP of the band

Darragh Shields (Lead Guitarist) The production of our new album what will be and it’s first performances live.

Hazel Jade Rogers (Lead Singer/Pianist) Going to Sheffield, UK for the Hard Rock Hell BoB which we won the opportunity to play at through public vote!

What are your goals for 2018?

GG:Play the new album as much as we can, record a new video, and possibly tour Europe


CY: To make 999999999999999 yen


AS: Now I’m focused on Elevation Falls which is an exciting project that can be a great thing, and makes me feel very alive. For me it has very important having been contacted by them. I have been researching a lot about their job and I am delighted to take part on this project. It is really compatible with my way of working within one team and making music.

DS: To hopefully go abroad playing our new album.

HJR: Go on tour abroad, and hopefully get some industry recognition for our music!

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2018? GG: Royal Blood, Minus the Bear, The Dear Hunter


CY: Us followed by a big plate of us also Damien rice is bringing out a new album.


AS: The Last Vegas are incredible I discovered them recently and they seem to be incredible. Superb performing! I would also strongly recommend Black Stone Cherry, another good one.

DS: Reprisal, catastrophe. HJR: Stone Broken, Samarkind

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

GG: Angra (band), Aquiles Priester (drummer), Helloween (band), Iron Maiden (band)


CY: Thin Lizzy the amazing lyrics by phillo and the epic Scott Gorham on guitar really ripens my slice.


AS: Undoubtedly one of the bands that made me fall in love with music was the Mexican rock band Maná and specially his drummer Alex Gonzalez. But I also like bands such as Kiss or Motley Crue . They made me tell myself “I want to be like them”.

But I would also like to say that I like playing another rhythms like funky, Bossanova, jazz, I mean I can also enjoying being versatile, although that´s true rock is first on my list.

DS: John Sykes, a British guitarist that played with Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy!

HJR: Pink, early years, she was way more rock and her ability at performance, singing and composition was inspiring to me. Just be yourself that was her motto.