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Birmingham based
metallers Atarka are set to release their new album “Sleeping Giant” on March
27th. The band’s latest single “Tollund Man” was played on Kerrang!
Radio and the video premiered on Pure Grain Audio.

What’re your highlights of
the year so far?

Jamie Smith (Vocals): I cannot begin to put into
words how much of a buzz it was to finally hold a physical copy of our album,
after nearly 3 years of solid work and all that time, effort and cash, there it
was, and it was beautiful. It may have been the second greatest moment of my
life next to the birth of my son…same energy.


What are your goals for the
rest of the year?

JS: I want to support ‘Sleeping Giant’ to the fullest
and get the most out of this album’s life cycle as possible. Exciting
conversations are going on at the minute about gigs and tours and I’m chomping
at the bit to take this album on the road. On a personal note, I’m hoping to
get back into a bit more of a regular exercise program and shift a few of my
unwanted chins.

Which new bands/artists are
you into right now?

JS: I don’t think they’re considered “new” but I
love the latest offering from Fit For An Autopsy – called ‘Sea of Tragic Beasts’.
It’s heavy as fuck, yet melodic and hooky. It has everything I look for when it
comes to metal music.

On my local scene, there is a criminally underrated
hard rock outfit called Skull Fox who are insanely talented and well worth a
listen, just be ready to have some songs stuck in your head.

What was the band or
artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

JS: It was Gorillaz that made me realise that there
was more to music than S-Club 7 and Westlife. I credit them for opening the
door to alternative music for me when I was super young and impressionable. I also
vividly remember seeing the video for Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ for the first time when
I was 14. All of a sudden I was seeing these freaks in masks trashing a house
with a mob of their fans playing this music that sounded like nothing I’d ever
heard, I knew there and then that was EXACTLY what I was about.

How best do you write; in
a jam room or a studio?

JS: My writing is fairly separate from the other guys,
as I generally like the song to be pretty much there musically before I write
anything because if anything changes after I’m happy with it I get upset. I
have pages and pages of lyric ideas, phrases and themes written down and pull
from those whenever a song is ready for vocals. I isolate myself for a few
hours with a notepad, the track and a thesaurus, and tend to emerge with
something I’m happy to take to the rest of the band.

What was your wildest show
so far, and why?

JS: My mind goes to a show where I witnessed a kid
get absolutely fucking bodied in a mosh pit, like, completely taken down, and I
felt a strange sense of pride in him for taking that shot for our music. Also
the last time we played our hometown, there was a kid on the front row who was
absolutely LOVING us. I’m not sure if he was on something now that I think
about it, but it’s nice to see someone in the crowd matching our intensity on

Where is the furthest
across the globe you’ve played so far?

JS: Just the UK so far. But the sky’s the limit
really. I’m happy to go as far as this journey takes me, I travel often with my
partner anyway and I want to see everywhere – so if I can do that while
entertaining people that’s a Bonus.