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Interview – Thom Bleasdale from Immolated Moth…


In this interview with Thom from Immolated Moth he tells us how the past year has been – including health – along with his golas for 2018 and more…

What were your highlights of 2017?

 Thom Bleasdale, vocals, bass, guitars, drums, mixing and mastering –

My highlights of last year were setting up my home studio so  I could make this album sound much better than the e.p. Having a good space to mix in makes a huge difference. Also i met   Valerie June, who is a wonderful musician and a beautiful person, that was pretty special.  I suffer from severe fibromyalgia and because my illness prevents me from performing live or  even getting out of the house very much, it’s not easy to come up with many answers to this   one, I can’t live like i want to at all, many days I can’t even play my guitar as the pain is just too  great. I did get a diagnosis for one of my conditions and some medication that helped a lot, that was also pretty great, hahaha!                

What are your goals for 2018?

TB – I hope to find a few more people who like what i do, and if things were to really go my way I  would love to find a label and maybe a manager to support the release of my next album. I  also need to find someone to co-produce it, my songs are all too damn long. My main goal is trying to improve my health and symptom management so I can have a little holiday, I’m currently too ill to travel and have been for a few years now.

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2018?

TB – This is interesting, I listen to an awful lot of diverse music and the ones this year that have been blowing my mind the most are Kadhja Bonet, Kamasi Washington, Starcrawler,     Fantastic Negrito, Hotel Wrecking city traders, Wayfarer, Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders,  all wonderful artists worth checking out. I haven’t heard many new metal bands that have really grabbed me this year yet, but there have been some that I liked like Ineo, I saw the world burn, and Outright resistance.    

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

TB – That would be my dad, who played and sang songs for fun, and he taught me my first guitar chords,  but the first real band I loved was INXS. I was 11 when I saw the cover for ‘Kick’ in a    record shop and as it had a skateboard on the cover, I had to have it. I asked my big sister, Mary, to get it for me for Christmas and she did, and it’s been one of my favourite albums ever since. They are still one of my favourite bands and I listen to them a lot.

Review: KENDAL CALLING 2018 – DAY 3 by Cristin…

Lowther Deer Park, Lake District – 29th July 2018

It’s not a UK festival without the mud, and Kendal Calling doesn’t disappoint as its last day sees a break from the recent heatwave. After a trek through tents and quicksand, Peter Hook & The Light make it all worth it with a collection of Joy Division and New Order classics blasting live from main stage. It’s an emotionally charged start to our day, and we can’t wait to stamp our wellies across the endless fields of Lowther Deer Park, in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District.

We incredibly miss out on a secret unplugged session from the mighty Libertines at the intimate Tim Peaks stage – we’re still crying our eyes out on that one – but we get to discover Bang Bang Romeo at the Calling Out Tent. Ballsy and alluring, lead singer Anastasia Walker owns stage and crowd promising a bright future for the Sheffield outfit.

More classics but a complete change of atmosphere as we head back to Main Stage to chill with the Wailers. Bob Marley is here in spirit as the notes of Buffalo Soldier grace the sky making it all a bit less grey. A great time to explore more of what’s available at Kendal Calling today. 

Looking around at the crowd, it’s pleasant and surprising how much of a family gathering this really is: few generations play together gleefully, share beer and street food in harmony, jump in the puddles shaking their ponchos to the tunes on offer. As we wander, our attention is caught by 

a tempting ‘Lost Eden’ sign. The path that follows is rich of welcome surprises, more proof of how KC really is a festival for everyone.

We make our way through the woodlands and discover a plethora of artistic displays, light installations, walking performances… An unexpected Wonderland to stimulate all senses, and a couple of very diverse stages to satisfy every Alice’s musical needs. Right at the bottom of the rabbit hole we hit the Woodlands stage on time for indie rockers Mint, and what a pleasant discovery that is. Lets be honest, we were first attracted to the bassist’s ‘Theresa is a Terrorist’ handcrafted t-shirt, but their performance got us like quicksand, unable to move until they ran out of tunes and we ran out of beer.

On the way back it all turns to mambo at the very international and colourful Carvetti stage, and despite my clumsy attempt to a few zumba moves in the mud I manage to stay up; chuffed with such an unexpected achievement. My young partner in crime swiftly drags me away from July Julay & The Mambo Kings to make sure I don’t miss the headliners. Why do I always find these things when it’s time to go…?

It’s the festival of miracles: not only the two clumsiest ever women you’ll ever meet are still standing in this wet slippery mess, but The Libertines come on stage EARLY! You read that right. We rush to main stage and the iconic four-piece does not disappoint. Everyone is in great form, the chemistry on stage is tangible, Carlos on piano is soooo romantic with Peter singing ‘You’re My Waterloo’ like a siren to mesmerised sailors, and when the notes of ‘Don’t Look Back Into the Sun’ break in the air Lowther Deer Park is an ocean of happy souls in one big wave of excitement. 

Every time I go to a festival, the issue is always the same: knowing it’s impossible not to miss anything, how do I get out of here having seen and lived more than just another gig? With Kendal Calling that’s not an issue. The diversity of the sounds, spaces and crowds make it an unforgettable experience, however much time you want to spend running across the fields. It was unfortunate that we could only make it to the closing day this year but we’re already looking forward to 2019 for the full thing, including the yoga and pilates sessions at Garden of Eden to recharge in between. And no one, I repeat, no one is gonna drag me away from the mambo stage this time. 

The Libertines reveal final live show for fore…


[Photo credit: Cristina Massei]

Having toured continuously since the release of their acclaimed third album ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ and establishing themselves as one of the UK’s most successful bands, The Libertines will play their last show for the foreseeable future at ‘Sharabang’ ‘Wheels And Fins Festival,’ Joss Bay Beach, Broadstairs on Sunday the 9th September.

Carl Barât says: “Peter, Gary, John and myself think it’s about time we took a break from playing live until we have something new for everyone to hear. The ‘Albion Rooms’ studio is finished, it’s beautiful and we want to concentrate all our efforts writing and recording the new album. This will make this last show very special indeed as it should bring this Libertines chapter to a close with a SharaBANG.”  

SLEEP are to play two headline sets at Roadbur…

SLEEP are to play two headline sets at Roadburn 2019 – one showcasing the classic Holy Mountain and one featuring their latest release The Sciences.

2019 also has Tomas Lindberg brining The Burning Darkness to Tilburg.

Also announced today (August 16th 2018) are Birds In Row, Have A Nice Life playing two rare shows – one being Deathconsicousness in full -, Vile Creature, Midnight and Seven that Spells.

Iggy Pop recreating the Andy Warhol eating a h…

Iggy Pop recreating the Andy Warhol eating a hamburger short. Courtesy of Kansas Bowling and Death Valley Girls – you’re welcome!

THE KINKS Are The Village Green Preservation S…


The Kinks will release a 50th Anniversary Edition of one of the greatest British rock albums of all time ‘The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society’ on BMG October 26th. Included in this anniversary edition are many previously unreleased tracks and versions, including the previously unreleased track ‘Time Song’. Despite never been included on a release, ‘Time Song’ was performed by The Kinks at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in January 1973, celebrating Britain’s entry into the Common Market.

ANATHEMA to release Kscope years compilation

Anathema have announced the release on October 26th of  Anathema – Internal Landscapes 2008 – 2018.

This collection, curated by the band, selects the best works from their prolific output on the ground-breaking label Kscope since 2008. In this time the band left their heavier roots and transcended into emotional heaviness that resonated deep within the heart of the listener. It takes its name from the band’s perhaps most heartfelt song, from their most popular album of the period, Weather Systems.

To coincide with the release of Internal Landscapes and the 10 Years Of Kscope show on 2nd October in London, Anathema will be playing a series of intimate acoustic shows, under the title Ambient Acoustic Tour. Anathema will be touring these shows as a four-piece featuring Daniel & Vincent Cavanagh and Lee & John Douglas. Support act(s) will be announced shortly.

Daniel Cavanagh introduces the tour:

“Welcome to a new Anathema experience: Ambient Acoustic.

In exploring what we might do to expand the music still further, out of thin air came the idea to arrange music in a ‘third way’, in the space between the acoustic band and the live rock band. With ‘ambient acoustic’ we feel freer to explore many textures, mixing live loops, piano, strings, percussion, electronics, guitars and voices, all within the essence of the songs and the emotions they carry. We hope you enjoy this next chapter of the story, the journey of discovery, of searching for something that can never really be found”

28-09: France, Lille, Theatre Le Splendid

29-09: Netherlands, Tilburg, 013

30-09: Netherlands, Amsterdam, Melkweg

01-10: UK, Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

02-10: UK, London, Union Chapel (10 Years Of Kscope)

03-10: UK, Manchester, Deaf Institute

04-10: UK, Glasgow, The Mackintosh Church

Bell Witch have announced a European tour in w…

Bell Witch have announced a European tour in which the acclaimed album Mirror Reaper will be played in full:

November 28 – Reykjavik IS – Gaukurinn
November 30 – London UK – The Dome
December 1 – Leeuwarden NL – Into Darkness Festival
December 2 – Sint Niklaas BE – Darken The Moon
December 3 – Wiesbaden DE – Schlachthof
December 5 – Leipzig DE – UT Connewitz
December 7 – Poznan PL – Sala Gotycka
December 8 – Berlin DE – Zukunft Am Ostkreuz
December 13 – Cork IE – Cyprus Avenue
December 14 – Dublin IE – Thomas House

SHINING (Norway) have announced their new albu…

SHINING (Norway) have announced their new album Animal which will be released on October 19th via Spinefarm.

Jorgen Munkeby explains how this record is a different direction from previous releases:

“I was tired of doing the same thing,” he explains. “I was done with ‘Blackjazz’ and wanted to create something new and exciting. I needed a change. I’m finally at the point where I have nothing to lose and everything to win. We had 360 degrees to play with so we could’ve gone in any direction. This new record is more Muse than Meshuggah, more Ghost than Gojira, and more Biffy Clyro than Burzum!”

Listen to an unreleased track by Joe Strummer …

In celebration of Joe Strummer’s birthday on August 21st, Ignition Records are making available, for the first time, the unreleased song ’Rose of Erin’ digitally from 9:00am on Tuesday 14th August. ’Rose of Erin’ is taken from the highly anticipated compilation ‘Joe Strummer 001,’ the first anthology to span Joe Strummer’s career outside of his recordings with The Clash to be released 28th September.