Interview: DYLAN from THIS PLACE HELL by Matt …

As we begin 2019 what were your highlights of 2018?  

Dylan Scully (Bass): Going to the UK to record with Justin Hill was definitely the first highlight of the year, it was some of the most fun we’ve had recording, as well as the best we’ve sounded on record. Winning the Bloodstock M2TM competition followed that shortly after, it was such a huge honour to be picked by Simon to go and play Bloodstock. Then we had our track ‘Filth’ debuted on Kerrang radio, playing Knockanstockan, Bloodstock and opening for Dead Label and Devildriver all within a few weeks, 2018’s been good to us so far!

What are your goals for 2019?

DS: We’re going to be releasing a new EP at the start of 2019, as well as touring our home country and the UK. After that we’re going to be working on what will be our debut album.

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2019?

DS: BAILER, Dead Label, Ten Ton Slug, zhOra, Worn Out and Rouen are some of our favourite Irish bands, and then you’ve got GroundCulture over in the UK, I think all these bands are gonna be doing big things in the next while.

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician? 

DS: A whole mixed bag really, I remember Guns N Roses being the first band that really caught my attention and made me wanna play music. I mean, who hasn’t seen the video for November Rain where Slash just starts shredding that solo out in the desert and thought “that’s what I wanna do” right? After that ya had Rage Against The Machine showing the angry side of music and that mix of rap and metal that we grew up on in the 90’s. The bands that really informed our style were Slipknot and Korn though. There’s somethin about those low tuned riffs, the grooves from Korn and the manic energy from Slipknot that just totally drew me in.