Words: Matt D

What’re your highlights of the year so far?

Jamie Jordan (Vocals/Guitar) – Personally it was getting our debut album No Place Like Home finished, we’ve all worked so hard on it for the past 2 years and now we finally have something to show for it!

Dan Woodhead (Bass) – Finishing the album has been a massive accomplishment, but still for me its been gigging places we haven’t played before, having no clue who is gonna be at the shows or anything and it just being epic. We had a beautiful outdoor festival we got booked for that we had no idea about but shows like that are just off the scale.

Which new bands/artists are you into right now?

JJ – I’ve been really digging Creeper recently, those guys have something really special.

DW – Loving some of the UK scene at the moment, metal or not. Peur have an album out that is just outstanding. Fatherson’s new tune is beaut. And Lost Ground’s EP is just wow. For real though, look them up. They’re great.  Further afield the band to watch for me though is The Faim, they’re going on to big things!

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

JJ – For me, it was Trivium’s Ascendancy, I remember my Dad bringing home that record and it totally blew me away, it was shortly after that I got my first guitar.

Adam Jones (Drummer) – For me, at the time it was mostly Nirvana.

DW – Rush did it all for me. After listening to 2112 for the first time I just wanted a bass. Although, I remember the first time I ever heard Iron Maiden and that shook me a bit too. I think it was the intro to Run to the Hills that gripped me.

How best do you write; in a jam room or a studio?

DW – Probably studio rather than jamming, we produce our ideas individually then present them as recordings, or Midi files. Sometimes we take each others ideas and play with them and change them, but there’s no set way really, all of us are creative in different ways.

JJ – All of my best ideas tend to come from times when my mind can wander, like long train journeys or when I meditate, so neither I guess?

AJ – Just listening to the track and thinking of how things can be emphasised or imply where the song is going next.

What was your wildest show so far, and why?

DW – We always get the mad drunk that totally digs what we do. One guy decided to climb on a round table to have a dance. To be fair to him, he made it through half of the song before he ended up sending the table over with a few pints flying about. Best part was his glasses fell off and he spent the rest of the tune like Velma from Scooby Doo trying to find them.

Where is the furthest across the globe you’ve played so far?

JJ – We’ve actually never played outside the UK! We’d love to do so in the near future though.

DW – Yeah we have only played in the UK as yet, but we have been sending merch out to Norway, Belgium, Canada, France, so we know there are some fans out there.