Interview – UNDER – Matt Franklin

Words: Matt D

What’re your highlights of the year so far?


Matt Franklin – Bass and Vocals: 2018 has been a cool year for us. Recording our latest album “Stop Being Naïve” has been amazing, we’ve played with some excellent bands including Part Chimp and Primitive Man… We’re also writing the best stuff we’ve ever written so we’re already getting excited for next year!


What are your goals for the rest of the year?


MF: We want to get this album heard by as many people as possible so we can continue the fight against international naïvité and horrify more people at the remaining gigs we have booked for the year.


Which new bands/artists are you into right now?


MF: We’re all big fans of Boss Keloid, Kurokuma and Vow – playing with those guys is always a pleasure. We also share a label with bands like Hyena Kill, Mastiff and Trevor’s Head so we’re in excellent company.


What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?


MF: it seems very weird to me now as they’re not exactly an influence, but as a kid I saw a documentary on MTV about Blink 182 and started to learn guitar the same day!


How best do you write; in a jam room or a studio?


MF: In the practice room. Occasionally one of us has something already that we bring in but our best work happens collaboratively.


What was your wildest show so far, and why?


MF: we don’t have that many “wild” ones in terms of crazy crowds, we tend to inspire head-scratching and stoned facial expressions! We’ve played with some fucking nuts bands though. Our tour with Kurokuma was a lot of fun…


Where is the furthest across the globe you’ve played so far?

MF: London hahaha which is very far away if you go around the planet the long way…