Two more acts announced for ROADBURN 2019 as p…

Today (2nd October 2018) sees the reveal of two more acts for The Burning Darkness – Tomas Lindberg’s curated event at Roadburn 2019.

First to be announced is Anna Von Hausswolff: 

On his decision to invite her, Lindberg comments:

“Having had the pleasure of being an acquaintance of Anna through our mutual Gothenburg heritage she thankfully didn’t need much persuading to join the eclectic roster of my curation. I am very proud to be part of bringing this magical voice to the festival. Prepare yourself for a lot of goosebumps and chills down your collective spines. Let the dead magic embrace you in front of that main stage at 013.”

Also announced today is a special show by At The Gates:

The band comments:

“As many of our loyal listeners know we have always incorporated different elements into our own breed of death metal, but we have never taken the chance to explore them to the fullest on stage. Being invited to play the prestigious Roadburn Festival gives us exactly that opportunity. We know very well what is expected from a Roadburn performance, and it is just that sort of challenge that makes us tick.
“We will dive headfirst into the melancholic eclectic darkness of our back catalogue and explore different, challenging collaborations for this special At The Gates set. We look forward to this with overwhelming excitement. More details on exactly what will happen on that main stage at 013 will follow soon”