Interview: MATT FINUCANE by Matt D

We catch up with Matt Finucane for his highlights of 2018 so far, upcoming goals and shoutouts to some artists such as Fukushima Dolphin!

What’re your
highlights of the year so far?  
Matt Finucane (Guitar,
Vocals) – Survival, with health and marbles intact.  Otherwise, all kinds of DIY activity that
went surprisingly well: an EP out, another one due, a mini tour, bit of
promoting gigs and gig swaps…  Standing
on a hill in Glasgow in the rain after one of those, thinking “wow, I’m
actually doing this.”

What are
your goals for the rest of the year?  
MF – More of everything.  More of
the grim struggle to get taken seriously in this insane business.  Work ethic!
No surrender!

Which new
bands/artists are you into right now?  
MF – If I tell the truth and say “nobody”, I sound hopelessly out of
touch and ready for the grave, or a total egocentric prick.  Fact is, I’m recording a load of new stuff
and don’t want any stray influences creeping into it, and once it’s done I’ll
be receptive again.  There are loads of
great local artists I like seeing play live in Brighton though: Fukushima
Dolphin, Emperors of Ice Cream, Chop Chop, Map 71, Trench… just to throw some random
names out.  

What was the
band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?  
MF – Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground.  I heard that first album and that was it for

How best do
you write; in a jam room or a studio?  
MF – I mainly write at home, when it’s quiet and I can concentrate
alone.  But my live band keeps finding new
ways to play, so I’m thinking of switching back to writing in the rehearsal
studio.  We use a converted Victorian
public toilet, this underground bunker, which is… atmospheric.

What was
your wildest show so far, and why?  
MF – Maybe Trans Pride 2-3 years ago, backing a singer on acoustic guitar,
very exposed on a huge stage in a sunlit park, in front of the biggest crowd
I’ve played for.   A beautiful day, but it wasn’t mine, wasn’t my
show: I was an impostor.  Also, I had one
of the worst hangovers of my life, my feet were floating a couple of inches
above the floor and everything was blue round the edges…  So I boshed down a handful of diazepam the
moment I staggered offstage.  Wild under

Where is the
furthest across the globe you’ve played so far
?  MF – Inverness, just after Halloween last
year.  Two 45-minute solo sets in a
fantastic venue with the worst flu of my life.  There’s a pattern developing here…  Maybe I did something dreadful in a past
existence and this is how I’m paying for it?
Well, that’s fine with me: I look forward to feeling like hell all over
the world.