Review: THE WILDHEARTS @ Concorde 2, Brighton

20th August 2018

Review by Julia Savi – Photos Cristina Massei

The Wildhearts set a full house on fire tonight, as they make a stop in Brighton before bringing their tour to Europe and back to the UK until to October the 6th.  

This tour celebrates the Wildhearts’ three decades on the scene, and they are back in full power mode with the genuine line up fronted by Ginger (vocals), C.J. (guitar), Danny McCormack (bass) and Ritch Battersby (drums).  They deliver a powerful and tightly played  set of classics, opening with Sick of Drugs, TV Tan, My Baby Is A Headfuck, Suckerpunch, Caffeine Bomb, managing to rise over expectation right  from the start and offering the same livewire energy and spark of the old days, and with time they sound even better then ever.  It’s a mix of right choices and pure magic, enthusiastically received  by the audience; a supportive yet demanding crowd of veterans that clearly stood by since Ginger shaped the project in Newcastle upon Tyne back in 1989, ready on call at every come back after fall outs, at every resurrection after hardship.  

The Wildhearts are really a living tale of endurance and overcoming, but  equally importantly, of special lightness.  They master the art of passing on  the feel good  factor,  the ability to throw from the stage their very own brand of a hell of a rock party.  And be assured, they know how to party hard and engage their audience as a whole, making all and each one feel part of the one and  only Wildhearts family.  Plenty of sing along  and choral atmosphere, as expected by tradition, with  momentums at Geordie in Wonderland, Greetings from Shitville,  right to the end on a spinning I Wanna Go Where The People Go.   Full marks for  this perfectly classy iconic  show, leaving the reassuring feeling   that with this band  Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes.

The Wildhearts will be on the road again celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their landmark album Earth vs The Wildhearts.