Interview – Thom Bleasdale from Immolated Moth…


In this interview with Thom from Immolated Moth he tells us how the past year has been – including health – along with his golas for 2018 and more…

What were your highlights of 2017?

 Thom Bleasdale, vocals, bass, guitars, drums, mixing and mastering –

My highlights of last year were setting up my home studio so  I could make this album sound much better than the e.p. Having a good space to mix in makes a huge difference. Also i met   Valerie June, who is a wonderful musician and a beautiful person, that was pretty special.  I suffer from severe fibromyalgia and because my illness prevents me from performing live or  even getting out of the house very much, it’s not easy to come up with many answers to this   one, I can’t live like i want to at all, many days I can’t even play my guitar as the pain is just too  great. I did get a diagnosis for one of my conditions and some medication that helped a lot, that was also pretty great, hahaha!                

What are your goals for 2018?

TB – I hope to find a few more people who like what i do, and if things were to really go my way I  would love to find a label and maybe a manager to support the release of my next album. I  also need to find someone to co-produce it, my songs are all too damn long. My main goal is trying to improve my health and symptom management so I can have a little holiday, I’m currently too ill to travel and have been for a few years now.

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2018?

TB – This is interesting, I listen to an awful lot of diverse music and the ones this year that have been blowing my mind the most are Kadhja Bonet, Kamasi Washington, Starcrawler,     Fantastic Negrito, Hotel Wrecking city traders, Wayfarer, Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders,  all wonderful artists worth checking out. I haven’t heard many new metal bands that have really grabbed me this year yet, but there have been some that I liked like Ineo, I saw the world burn, and Outright resistance.    

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

TB – That would be my dad, who played and sang songs for fun, and he taught me my first guitar chords,  but the first real band I loved was INXS. I was 11 when I saw the cover for ‘Kick’ in a    record shop and as it had a skateboard on the cover, I had to have it. I asked my big sister, Mary, to get it for me for Christmas and she did, and it’s been one of my favourite albums ever since. They are still one of my favourite bands and I listen to them a lot.