CANCER sign to Peaceville records

Peaceville, the label known for its enviable death metal heritage, from the early days of Paradise Lost and Autopsy, to At The Gates & Vital Remains, through to Opeth, Bloodbath and Akercocke; is proud to announce the signing of the UK legends of death metal, Cancer, for their new album, set for release late 2018.

“We are delighted to have signed a recording deal with such an esteemed label as Peaceville. We have full confidence that they understand this metal and Cancer as a band. Together we want to deliver an album that celebrates our 30-year existence and the old school death metal sound that we played a part in creating back in 1988 when the band was conceived. So rejoice and hoist the bunting fashioned from flaps of skin, and fill your balloons with the last gasp of a dying man! We are back from the dead. CFC”