Interview – ELEVATION FALLS by Matt D

As we begin 2018 what were your highlights of 2017?

Gabriel Grecco (Bassist/Drummer) We spent our year recording the new album, played Sheffield, stablished a strong formation, it was amazing


Chris Young (Lead Guitarist): Gigging and being in the studio. I don’t have one gig in my head that stands out because I love them all.


Alex Sanchez (drummer): throughout 2017 I have been focused on several Spanish bands where I highlight Katarsis, we recorded the first EP of the band

Darragh Shields (Lead Guitarist) The production of our new album what will be and it’s first performances live.

Hazel Jade Rogers (Lead Singer/Pianist) Going to Sheffield, UK for the Hard Rock Hell BoB which we won the opportunity to play at through public vote!

What are your goals for 2018?

GG:Play the new album as much as we can, record a new video, and possibly tour Europe


CY: To make 999999999999999 yen


AS: Now I’m focused on Elevation Falls which is an exciting project that can be a great thing, and makes me feel very alive. For me it has very important having been contacted by them. I have been researching a lot about their job and I am delighted to take part on this project. It is really compatible with my way of working within one team and making music.

DS: To hopefully go abroad playing our new album.

HJR: Go on tour abroad, and hopefully get some industry recognition for our music!

Which new bands/artists would you recommend in 2018? GG: Royal Blood, Minus the Bear, The Dear Hunter


CY: Us followed by a big plate of us also Damien rice is bringing out a new album.


AS: The Last Vegas are incredible I discovered them recently and they seem to be incredible. Superb performing! I would also strongly recommend Black Stone Cherry, another good one.

DS: Reprisal, catastrophe. HJR: Stone Broken, Samarkind

What was the band or artist that got you into music or inspired you to be a musician?

GG: Angra (band), Aquiles Priester (drummer), Helloween (band), Iron Maiden (band)


CY: Thin Lizzy the amazing lyrics by phillo and the epic Scott Gorham on guitar really ripens my slice.


AS: Undoubtedly one of the bands that made me fall in love with music was the Mexican rock band Maná and specially his drummer Alex Gonzalez. But I also like bands such as Kiss or Motley Crue . They made me tell myself “I want to be like them”.

But I would also like to say that I like playing another rhythms like funky, Bossanova, jazz, I mean I can also enjoying being versatile, although that´s true rock is first on my list.

DS: John Sykes, a British guitarist that played with Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy!

HJR: Pink, early years, she was way more rock and her ability at performance, singing and composition was inspiring to me. Just be yourself that was her motto.