Ecstatic Peace Library and Omnibus Press have …

Ecstatic Peace Library and Omnibus Press have joined forces to publish focussing on innovators, collaborators, cultural pioneers, the curious, and practitioners of the avant-garde with bespoke books designed for each title. They launch on September 13th with The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-1994, an illustrated first person account of the birth of Norwegian black metal by bass player and founding band member Jørn ‘Necrobutcher’ Stubberud, published in paperback for the first time.

Mayhem are no strangers to controversy and The Death Archives offers unique insights into one of music’s most extreme subcultures. During the band’s 30 year career Stubberud collected photographs, video diaries and memorabilia and he shares them here. Images of Mayhem’s early years from their first photo-sessions in full corpse regalia to exclusive video stills of their earliest gigs are included, alongside rare and unseen photos of the band before the death of singer Pelle “Dead” Ohlin, and the murder of guitarist Oystein “Euronymous” Aarseth.

“For decades, I’ve witnessed all these hacks cashing in on my band Mayhem, my music, my image, my name, my pictures, telling my story in books and documentaries, in films and magazines. It would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s all fucked up with the wrong things. The journalists start calling me every fucking time one of these books come out like ‘What do you think of that?’ and I’m thinking I should just write a book myself and tell how it really was, to end all of this speculation and bullshit. I make music and I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t. It took well over a year. It’s a lot of work, unbelievable.” Jørn ‘Necrobutcher’ Stubberud.