Review: Dewolff – The Dust Coda at The Black H…


Here i am tonight at the iconic The black Heart, a small yet cosy place giving the audience the chance to get up close and personal with the bands they come to see.


Although I have come to check out the main band, I always make a point to come early; being short-arsed I need to find a spot to perch on my stool but most importantly support bands can surprise you in the best way.

Warming up the stage for the main act are THE DUST CODA, bringing their soulful and bluesy tinged music to a responding audience.They knock out tunes after tunes from their self titled debut, storming the stage on a full throttle roar with opener ‘The More It Fades’, slowing down mid set to the smooth and seductive ‘Sweet Love Is Gone’ showcasing john’s groovy vocals whilst passing through the fist stumping riff of ‘When The Tide Comes In’. A strong and full blooded set keeping the Rock’n’Roll alive along the likes of The Temperance Movement and Rival Sons.


Next up is psychedelic rockers from the Netherlands DEWOLFF. Although we are always told never to judge a book by its cover, their attire of santiag boots, flared trousers, wispy moustache and flowing hair bring an air of the 70’s; and on this occasion the cover matches the book to my delight.Their catchy 70’s infused songs kept us all enthralled and mesmerised from start to finish. A highly energetic set filled with blues, soul and psychedelic riffs bringing contemporary lyrics with music from the past. Having been around since 2007, their repertoire was diverse with a set mixed with songs from ‘Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants’, ‘Grand Southern Electric’, ‘Roux-Ga-Roux’ and latest album ‘Thrust’. 

Pablo, Luka and Robin are a thunderous 3 piece with boundless energy, virtuosi stretching each song as far as they can dare ( some lasting a good 10mns as you can see on the iPhone footage) and very much attuned to the southern USA music. It is hard to pinpoint which songs stand out but my 2 favourite will have to be politically geared ‘Deceit and Woo’ (allegedly written on Trump inauguration)  and inter-dimensional cosmic beauty written whilst philosophising drunk AND stoned in their hotel room ‘Love Dimension’. Seeing DEWOLFF live is certainly an experience I will never forget as it brought me close to an era I would have like to have been part to.

Pictures gallery here:

Here are some footage taken at the gig, I won’t win an Oscar for best feature film but it gives you first hand view of what words can not always convey.