Review and photos: THE SOAP GIRLS @ The Monarc…

Show date: 2nd May 2018

Sitting in the girls’ tour bus on the pavement outside the Monarch having a chat with sisters Millie and Mie Debray prior to them taking the stage was a confined and fun experience as they insisted I tried a shot of their chocolate tequila. I have to say, if you’ve never tried chocolate tequila, give it a go. The Soap Girls are now embarking on their ‘Stinks Like Punk’ tour lasting until the end of the year. Chatting to them is always a pleasure because they are honest, intelligent, fun, and say it as it is!

It’s been twelve months since their album ‘Societys Rejects’ and nine months since their last London appearance. So what have the girls been up to? They have nine new songs toward their next album of which the title is yet undecided although the girls intimated it may be something like “Catch, Release, Kill”

The album is half finished and due for completion after their current tour and released at the end of the year or early next year. The girls promise the next album will be better than “Societys Rejects” and will be brutal and dark covering topics like animal rights, human rights but also promises melodies. Some of the track titles include “My Development” about a mindless neighbour who complains about the girls practising their music, “Chains” about standing up for your rights. The girls sang a verse of this to me in the bus – promising!

The gig was as you would expect although to be honest, their new drummer (Sam from Stoke) is an improvement from the last time I saw them. The girls have accepted Sam and enjoy banter with him. They have developed their own version of a Stoke accent which isn’t too bad. All of the numbers they performed were in the set that you would want, predominantly from “Societys Rejects” and a couple from the upcoming album.

The Soap Girls will return to the road after the release of the next album with plans to tour the United States and possibly Australia. This will be breaking ground for the girls. For the UK fans, they will also be playing Camden Rocks this year on June 2nd.

Whilst the girls are great to listen to, and great to watch, their image of nudity isn’t really necessary and I do wonder if this detracts from them being taken more seriously. They have great talent and music ability and if they continue producing albums like “Societies Rejects” they will continue to grow respect and following. They continue to be a breath of fresh air, they are not shy in sharing their views or standing by their values so if you haven’t seen or heard them, give them a go but brace yourself!