Review and photos: KRIS BARRAS @ HEXAGON THEAT…

Supporting one of L.A.’s great blues artists, Beth Hart, Kris Barras took to the stage to perform his acoustic set to an almost capacity crowd at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading.

Initially influenced by his Father, Barras takes inspiration from the likes of Hendrix. He’s had a ride through his short life with being bankrupt, being a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage fighter (retired), to a very respected Blues musician.

The Kris Barras band normally give the satisfaction of great blues with substance and style and all the grit you can take. They are a big sound blues rock band. So when they took the stage with acoustics, I didn’t know quite what to expect.

My concerns were quickly quashed with what I can only say was some of the best acoustic blues I have seen live.

The band’s ability to deliver their style, power, and maintain technical content was achieved with a four star rating. This was also evident by the crowd’s reaction to each and every song on the set list.

The brand new album ‘The Divine and Dirty’ featured throughout the set and if you haven’t heard the album I would certainly recommend you afford a listen. Songs featured from the album were ‘Hail Mary’, ‘Propane’, and ‘Watching Over Me’.

I have to say, the acoustic set was great. However, the full band experience rocks. So if you’re impressed by the acoustics of Kris Barras, you will be blown away by the full experience. This places Barras on another plain by displaying his diverse music ability.