Show date: 30th April 2018

Entering in a very unorthodox manner, Beth walked through the almost capacity crowd and welcomed fans, shook hands, gave hugs and opened her first number at the same time. Finally making it to the stage leaving the fans in a very happy mood.

There is no doubt that this lady is an exceptional talent. She can clearly write great songs. She can very clearly sing with a range only to be envied. She is a versatile musician too playing electric and acoustic guitars as well as the piano.

For an artist that has had many challenges through life she has turned out well. Openly discussing her abusive relationships, mental health issues, and her own concern that she may be a serial killer it is obvious where the emotion in her writing stems from. She sings about getting out of relationships, loving someone deeper and even about an ugly house!

Beth obviously appreciates where she has come from and is thankful of where she is. Giving homage to her Mom (who was in the audience) for being so supportive and explaining that she was a difficult child. More subject matter for a song.

The music speaks for itself and the audience were pleased throughout. Personally, I felt there were too many slow tempo songs at the piano. Beth has the ability to raise the energy in anyone and this was the case in her rocky blues numbers especially as she came out to her encore. The final song being another slow tempo number left me deflated though. Not a great way to end a set.