CLAUDIO SIMONETTI’S GOBLIN to celebrate 40 yea…

Dawn of the Dead” (1978) by George A. Romero and “Suspiria” (1977) by Dario Argento are among the most famous soundtracks composed and produced by Goblin. The music by Claudio Simonetti’s band is known throughout the world and has a special place in the cult horror film history.

This summer, as both films reach their 40th anniversaries and “Suspiria” receives a reboot, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin will perform the live scores alongside screenings of these hugely influential movies at two of the UK’s most beautiful venues.

The dates are:
August 5th – Edinburgh, Summerhall – 5:30pm – SUSPIRIA (performance starts 6pm)
August 5th – Edinburgh, Summerhall – 8:20pm – DAWN OF THE DEAD (performance starts 8:50pm)
August 6th – Edinburgh, Summerhall – 5:30pm – DAWN OF THE DEAD (performance starts 6pm)
August 6th – Edinburgh, Summerhall – 8:50pm – SUSPIRIA (performance starts 9:20pm)
August 17th – London, Union Chapel – 7:00pm – SUSPIRIA (peformance starts 8:15pm)
August 18th – London, Union Chapel – 7:00pm – DAWN OF THE DEAD (performance starts 7:45pm)

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