Words: David Lees

Hello and welcome to my new column, where I’m going to be looking at some of the recent releases in the world of post-industrial, EBM, and noise.

Anatomy – The Sixth Seal

First up is a new video release from Anatomy, the electronic project of NY based musician Jenna Rose. Rose’s vocals switch back and forth between singing and harsh, demonic shrieking over ominous, dark and danceable darkwave beats. The video itself is an adults-only nightmare mix of horror movie clips, surgical videos and documentary footage which creates a fever dream of blood, pain and depravity. All good wholesome fun then. Anatomy’s first EP is available on Bandcamp now.

Sue Zuki – We Are All Very Anxious

It’s not exactly a new release but new to me is Sue Zuki’s We Are All Very Anxious, an album is based around the themes of “psychological alienation and despair”. It’s not an easy listen, starting off using harsh vocals and repetition like a drill to your head, cracking your skull open before filling it with mellower, hypnotic but no less disquieting beats. But then that’s the point. It’s hard to say I enjoyed it, but it left me feeling edgy and paranoid on a sunny day so it’s certainly an effective piece of work. Sue Zuki also runs the Glasgow based drone/electronic/industrial record label Domestic Exile representing the artists Total Leatherette and The Modern Institute.

Hide – Castration Anxiety

Castration Anxiety is the first album from Hide, a post-industrial duo from Chicago and label mates of Youth Code and Drab Majesty. It’s also easily my favourite release of this year so far. The music alone has a real power to it, with the grinding drive of demonic machinery and crushing beats that punch themselves into your brain like railroad spikes but it’s Heather Cabel’s vocals that really raise this album to another level. Running the gamut from cynically sultry to rending, emotional shrieks, dripping with hate and rage, if you’re ever looking for music to listen to while wishing the world would burn to ash and bone then this is the album you need.

DK-Zero – Blood and Violence

Finally for this column we have the debut single release from a new EBM band, DK-Zero, most notable for having in its line-up famed internet steampunk lady Kato. And it’s…yeah. It doesn’t reinvent the genre or do anything stunningly new and interesting but it’s a well produced bit of industrial metal that wouldn’t send you fleeing off the dancefloor to the bar if it came on in a club. I’m certainly curious about hearing the full album now.